Monday, March 23, 2020


You may think 'thank God, it is over now' but actually it is not over and you cannot relax.

If you think 'it is ok..there is no hurry..and can wait'  feeling lazy  to act promptly..It would be a disaster for you only. You double the risk for yourself...and ofcourse sometimes for others also..

If you have small kids, grown-up kids or even adult kids you have to check every nook and corner and make sure there is nothing left

No matter how many times you wash, how much time you wash
They keep coming...
Dishes to be washed.


విన్నకోట నరసింహా రావు said...

హ్హ హ్హ హ్హ, వైరస్ గురించి చెబుతున్నారేమో అనుకున్నాను ముందర 😁👍.

Surabhi said...

Ha ha ..
Nice one, can I share?